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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How would you make housing more affordable for families in Portsmouth?
What impact will the sea level rise have on our community?
What are your thoughts about funding athletic programs given the research about injuries?
What impact would there be if we allow buildings to be built over four stories?
In my opinion, more money should be given to the school department. What are your thoughts on education in the city budget?
What are your thoughts on investing money into the subsidized housing structures in the city?
What will you put in place to increase employment opportunities in our city?
What will you do to curb the increase in crime in our city's subsidized housing?
What are your thoughts on making public transportation more flexible, affordable, and available to city residents?
What are your thoughts on the affordability of housing for younger people and families?
In my opinion, there needs to be additional parking in the downtown area. What type of parking would you recommend and where?